Corsican Minestra Soup

France is known for a lot of things; its attractions, vibe, and most importantly, the food. One of the most well-known luxurious places in France is Corsica. While every Mediterranean island has its own culture, Corsica is famous for its delicious dishes such as its Minestra Soup and Chestnut cake. Corsican Minestra Soup Recipe This … Read more

French Onion Soup

French onion soup is especially delicious in the winter, with its rich broth infused with the earthy flavors of caramelized onions and beef, topped with luscious melted cheese and crisp croutons. French Onion Soup Recipe This recipe makes four bowls of soup.  Ingredients Soup 6 yellow onions, peeled and sliced thinly ¼ cup unsalted butter … Read more