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9 Best French Glassware Brands for Exquisite Crystal Kitchen Items

France is world-renowned for its exquisite glassware, with a history of fine craftsmanship and design that dates back centuries. From sleek modern designs to traditional and classic styles, the French have mastered the art of glassware making and have some of the best brands in the world. 

Let’s take a look at the top French glassware brands, exploring the unique characteristics that make them stand out from the competition. From stemware to tumblers and decanters, find the perfect glassware from one of these premier French brands.

French Glassware Brands elegant glassware set on a white marble countertop inside a classy Parisian kitchen


Duralex is synonymous with glass resilience. Founded in the 1940s, this brand became globally recognized for its virtually unbreakable tempered glassware. From school cafeterias in Frane to rural French country homes, Duralex glasses are celebrated for their blend of practicality and elegance. They are intelligently designed to withstand everyday rigors. This is the best glassware to buy if you want affordable quality glassware from France.


Baccarat, founded in 1764, is arguably the most prestigious name in the world of French glassware. Renowned for its sophisticated chandeliers, jewelry, and barware, this brand’s crystal pieces have graced the tables of royalty and luminaries worldwide. A synonym for luxury, Baccarat’s products are meticulously crafted, highlighting the intricate detailing and brilliance of French glassmaking.


Established in 1586, Saint-Louis stands as the oldest glass manufacturer in France. Crowned as a royal glassworks in 1767, Saint-Louis is renowned for its timeless crystal creations including vases, chandeliers, and decorative items. Their unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship make them a treasure in any collection.

La Rochère

La Rochère, dating back to 1475, is the oldest continuously operating glassworks in Europe. Their pieces reflect the rich history of French glassmaking, with designs inspired by period pieces and nature. Known for their signature bee motif, their products exude timeless elegance and rustic charm.


Saint-Gobain, established in 1665, is not only limited to glassware but is a global leader in building and construction solutions. However, in the realm of glass, their legacy is unparalleled. From mirrors for the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles to cutting-edge glass technology, Saint-Gobain’s influence in the world of glass is immense.

Cristal d’Arques 

Cristal d’Arques has built its reputation on offering stylish and elegant glassware for everyday use. Its foundation rests on the perfect balance between modernity and tradition, crafting affordable crystal pieces that suit both contemporary and classic decors.

Verrerie d’Arques is a testament to innovation and design. With a focus on mass production, this brand introduced revolutionary methods to make quality glassware accessible to a broader audience. Their durable and stylish designs cater to modern sensibilities while paying homage to traditional French craftsmanship.


Dior is a French luxury fashion house that is known for its clothing, accessories, fragrances, and cosmetics. Dior Maison is the home décor arm of the house of Dior. They have designed and released limited edition drinkware collections before, sometimes featuring iconic Dior emblems and patterns. The Dior Wine Glass is engraved with the House’s symbolic “Cannage” motif and is 100% crystal. Cordelia de Castellane oversees the brand’s modern interpretations of classic homeware.

La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie is a family-run enterprise, dedicated to preserving the ancient art of glass blowing. Their handcrafted pieces are a revival of age-old techniques, resulting in items that are both rustic and sophisticated. Their commitment to sustainable production and timeless design sets them apart in the contemporary market.


Christofle stands as one of the premier French glassware brands, though it is primarily known for its silverware. Founded in 1830, the company has a rich heritage in creating finely crafted glassware that resonates with both traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Christofle’s glassware range includes drinking glasses, vases, and decorative pieces. Utilizing both time-honored techniques and modern design principles, Christofle’s glassware serves as a true testament to French artistry and sophistication. Whether adorning a formal dining table or enhancing a living room’s decor, Christofle glassware brings timeless luxury to any setting.

French glassware brands possess a rich heritage, reflecting centuries of craftsmanship and innovation. Whether it’s the opulent designs of Baccarat or the everyday resilience of Duralex, each brand holds a unique place in the annals of glassmaking history!

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