Culture18 Most Successful French Food and Beverage Companies

18 Most Successful French Food and Beverage Companies

Bonjour mes amis! Welcome back to our delightful culinary journey, where we are diving into the heart of La Belle France, a nation renowned worldwide for its rich food culture and remarkable culinary finesse. Today, we won’t be sharing a new recipe but instead, will delve into the vibrant world of the most successful French food brands that have graced our kitchens and palates.

France is not just about the Eiffel Tower and high fashion; it’s a country that takes great pride in its gastronomy. From their cheese to their wine, baguettes to croissants, French cuisine is deeply rooted in tradition and craftsmanship. While homemade dishes are a staple in French homes, there are several extraordinary food brands, with a rich heritage and unique flavor profiles, that have managed to make their way into the global market, bringing a piece of France into our American homes.

These beloved brands have not just been successful on a business front, but they’ve also played a crucial role in shaping our perceptions of French food, introducing us to an array of delightful products and ingredients that have transformed our cooking and dining experiences. They’ve allowed us to explore regional French flavors from the comfort of our own homes, becoming essential components of our culinary adventures.

Whether you’re a passionate home cook, a dedicated foodie, or simply someone who enjoys exploring international cuisine, you’re in for a treat! We’re about to journey through the flavorful landscape of the most successful French food brands – those that have earned their place on supermarket shelves around the world, and importantly, in our kitchens and hearts.

Alors, allons-y! Let’s embark on this delicious journey together. Bon Appétit!


Boursin, known worldwide for its creamy, crumbly cheese, has been a popular brand since its inception in 1957 by Francois Boursin. The brand’s signature product, Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs, combines delicious Gournay cheese with a unique blend of fine herbs, and it has gained a cult-like following around the globe. Boursin has since expanded to include a variety of flavors, each offering a unique blend of taste and texture that’s perfect for any culinary application.


PAUL Bakery, founded in 1889, is a family-owned brand that has been baking fresh, traditional French breads, pastries, and desserts for over a century. The iconic black shopfront of PAUL is a symbol of quality and tradition, making it a go-to brand for authentic French baguettes, croissants, and éclairs. Despite its global presence, PAUL maintains its commitment to quality, preserving the artisanal nature of French baking.

St. Michel Biscuits

For over a century, St. Michel has been providing the world with delectable French cookies and pastries. Known for its iconic ‘galette’, a crispy butter cookie, St. Michel has become synonymous with French teatime treats. Using the same family recipe since 1905, the brand emphasizes tradition, quality, and simplicity in its products.

Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman is renowned for its homemade-style preserves and jellies. Made with natural ingredients and a whole lot of love, each jar of Bonne Maman preserves carries with it a sense of French domestic bliss. From classic Strawberry Preserves to exotic Fig and Raspberry, Bonne Maman offers a sweetness that goes beyond just taste.


Blédina, a leader in infant nutrition in France, is dedicated to providing wholesome, balanced meals for babies and toddlers. With a focus on natural ingredients and nutritional science, Blédina’s range of baby foods, from milk formulas to fruit purees, are trusted by parents around the globe to nourish their little ones.


Poulain is one of France’s oldest chocolate brands and has been sweetening French lives since 1848. Known for its rich, indulgent flavors, Poulain’s range of chocolate bars, pralines, and the beloved hot chocolate have become a staple for sweet lovers in France and beyond.


A fine dining staple, Badoit is a renowned French brand that specializes in sparkling mineral water. Known for its light, delicate bubbles and unique mineral composition, Badoit brings a refreshing and refined touch to any meal.


Sourced from the French Alps, Evian natural mineral water is appreciated globally for its purity, balanced mineral composition, and refreshing taste. As one of the leading water brands worldwide, Evian is not just a beverage but a symbol of healthy, natural living.


Valrhona, a French luxury chocolate manufacturer, has been a chef’s favorite since 1922. Renowned for its commitment to quality, flavor, and innovation, Valrhona offers a broad range of dark, milk, and white chocolates that elevate any dessert or culinary creation.

Maison du Chocolat

Founded in Paris in 1977, La Maison du Chocolat has made a name for itself as a purveyor of fine, artisanal chocolates. From decadent truffles to exquisite pralines, each creation is a testament to French craftsmanship and a love for quality cocoa.


With a legacy dating back to 1747, Maille has become synonymous with Dijon mustard. The brand offers a wide range of mustards, vinegars, and pickles, each carrying the signature Maille refinement, perfect for adding a dash of French flair to your dishes.


Président is a leading dairy brand, known for its butter and cheese globally. The brand’s exceptional Camembert and Brie, along with their cultured butter, are favorites among chefs and home cooks alike for their consistent quality and distinct flavors.


Bonduelle, a family-run company founded in 1853, specializes in canned and frozen vegetables. Dedicated to promoting vegetable consumption, Bonduelle offers a wide array of products that help integrate nutritious and flavorful veggies into every meal.

Fleury Michon

A trusted name in ready-to-eat meals and processed meats, Fleury Michon epitomizes French savoir-faire and culinary excellence. Their products range from charcuterie to seafood, meeting high standards of taste, quality, and convenience.

Saint Agur

Known for its distinct blue cheese, Saint Agur has become a favorite among cheese connoisseurs. Its unique creamy texture and intense yet refined flavor have made it a popular addition to cheeseboards, salads, and gourmet recipes.

La Vache qui rit

La Vache qui rit, or The Laughing Cow, has been bringing smiles to faces since 1921 with its playful brand and deliciously creamy cheese. Their individually packaged cheese wedges are not just delicious but are a beloved snack for both kids and adults.

Mariage Frères

Mariage Frères, a luxury tea brand, offers an exquisite selection of tea blends from around the world. From classic French blends to exotic infusions, each tin of Mariage Frères tea offers an unparalleled tasting experience that soothes the senses.


Perrier’s naturally carbonated mineral water has been a symbol of French luxury and sophistication for over a century. Its iconic green bottle and distinctive taste make it a refreshing choice for hydration or as a mixer in cocktails.

Each of these brands has its unique place in the vast and diverse world of French food, providing us with a taste of France’s culinary heritage and innovation. Whether it’s the simplicity of a Bonne Maman preserve or the luxury of a Maison du Chocolat truffle, these French food brands give us the opportunity to bring a piece of France into our kitchens and onto our dining tables.

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