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9 Famous French Dairy Brands

Nothing says ‘good taste’ and ‘high quality’ quite like French cuisine, and when it comes to the dairy segment, France’s mastery is simply unparalleled. Whether you’ve experienced the delights of a perfectly ripe Camembert, the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a fluffy quiche, or the irresistible creaminess of a Mousse au Chocolat, you know just how integral dairy products are to the heart and soul of French cooking.

As a French food connoisseur, I can tell you that the secret behind these gastronomic delights lies in the esteemed French dairy brands. These are not just names or labels; they are the carriers of a centuries-old tradition, expertise, and the very epitome of French art de vivre. The world of French dairy is vast and diverse, with each brand having its unique story, signature produce, and distinct flavors, which they have perfected over the years.

This post will take you on a delicious journey through the bustling dairy markets of France. We’ll explore some of the most famous French dairy brands, their fascinating histories, and of course, the exceptional dairy products that have made them stand out in a nation famous for its gastronomic prowess.

Whether you’re a passionate home cook looking to recreate French recipes with authentic ingredients, a cheese enthusiast eager to expand your palate, or just a curious foodie seeking knowledge, there’s a wealth of flavor and tradition waiting to be discovered. So, lace up your aprons, and let’s dive into the world of French dairy – un voyage culinaire like no other!


Président is perhaps one of the most recognizable French dairy brands across the globe, offering a diverse selection of butter, milk, and cheeses. Founded in 1933 in Laval, this brand is renowned for its quality and exceptional taste. Its Camembert and Brie are the epitome of French cheese, featuring rich, creamy flavors that have won numerous international awards. Président also boasts a selection of cultured butter that is perfect for cooking and baking, or simply spread on a fresh baguette.

La Fermière

La Fermière stands out for its unique commitment to traditional methods and premium quality. This brand is particularly noted for its range of yogurts and desserts, packaged in signature terracotta pots. Established in Marseille in 1952, La Fermière has consistently focused on sourcing high-quality local ingredients and practicing responsible farming. The result is a line of dairy products that not only taste fantastic but also uphold the integrity of the natural environment.


A household name even beyond the borders of France, Danone is a multinational corporation with a broad dairy portfolio. While it started in Barcelona, Spain, it quickly grew roots in France and has become a symbol of French dairy excellence. From yogurts to flavored dairy drinks, Danone’s innovation and quality have made it a global leader. Its commitment to health and nutrition is evident in the development of products like Activia and Actimel, which deliver both great taste and proven health benefits.


As one of the world’s largest dairy producers, Lactalis is a titan in the French dairy industry. Founded in 1933, the company’s extensive line of products includes everything from milk and butter to cheese and cream. Lactalis also owns Président, adding to its impressive array of dairy offerings. Its mission is to bring the best of French dairy to the world, a commitment that it upholds through a combination of traditional expertise and innovative technology.


Sodiaal is France’s leading dairy cooperative, uniting thousands of milk producers across the country. Its most famous brands include Candia, known for its variety of fresh and long-life milk, and Yoplait, a renowned yogurt brand worldwide. Sodiaal’s focus on sustainability and ethical farming practices reflects the cooperative spirit, ensuring consumers enjoy high-quality, responsibly-produced dairy.

Savencia Fromage

Savencia Fromage & Dairy is a top international cheese group and a major player in the dairy industry. Its commitment to superior quality and distinctive tastes is evident in its many brands, like Caprice des Dieux and Saint Agur. Savencia excels in the production of specialty cheeses, where it emphasizes uniqueness, flavor, and the French tradition of cheese-making, making it a favorite among cheese lovers.

Isigny Sainte-Mère

Isigny Sainte-Mère is a cooperative dairy brand steeped in tradition. Located in Normandy, a region celebrated for its rich pastures and high-quality milk, Isigny Sainte-Mère is known for its exceptional cream and butter. Their AOC labeled crème fraiche and PDO Isigny butter reflect the unique environmental conditions and artisanal methods of production, offering unparalleled quality and flavor.


Bongrain, now part of the Savencia group, has made its mark in the world of specialty cheeses. It has a vast range of products, each with a distinct flavor and character. Some of its famous offerings include Chamois d’Or, a smooth and creamy cheese, and Saint Albray, known for its delicate, fruity flavor. Bongrain’s cheese mastery embodies the French devotion to culinary excellence.

Elle & Vire

Founded in 1945 in Normandy, Elle & Vire produces an array of dairy products ranging from cream and butter to desserts. Renowned for its cream, particularly used in patisserie and gastronomy, Elle & Vire has established itself as a leading brand among professionals and home cooks alike. Its dedication to using high-quality milk from its own controlled supply chain ensures consistency in taste and quality.

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