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10 Best French Seasonings for Authentic Cuisine

As a food blogger specializing in authentic French cooking, I’m often asked what seasonings and herbs are essential for adding that final touch to dishes like beef bourguignon, French onion soup, and classic vinaigrettes.

Although many of you likely have a well-stocked spice cabinet, you may be missing some of the iconic ingredients that make French food truly savory and resounding.

I’ll share my picks for the top French seasonings that every home cook should have on hand for crafting meals fit for a Parisian bistro. From floral, aromatic herbs like thyme and tarragon, to earthy spices like paprika and cinnamon, these are the seasonings that will transport your cooking from blah to magnifique.

Read on for tips on how to use these pantry must-haves to lend rich, robust flavor to everything from stews to salad dressings.

Trust me, the next time you host a dinner party, your guests will swear they’ve been whisked away to a charming French café when they taste your cooking!

Fleur de Sel

Hailing from the coastal regions of France, Fleur de Sel is a delicate, hand-harvested sea salt prized for its unique texture and mineral-rich taste. It’s sprinkled atop dishes like salads, grilled seafood, and even caramel desserts to impart a subtle crunch and enhance flavors.

Fines Herbes

Fines Herbes is a classic blend of finely chopped herbs like parsley, chives, tarragon, and chervil, Fines Herbes is ubiquitous in French cuisine. This aromatic mixture elevates omelets, soups, sauces, and delicate poultry dishes, adding a fresh, mild flavor with hints of anise and parsley.

Quatre Épices

Literally translating to “four spices,” the Quatre Épices blend commonly includes pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger, offering a warm, pungent flavor profile. Used in traditional French recipes like terrines, pâtés, and hearty stews, Quatre Épices lends depth and richness to savory dishes.

Herbes de Provence

Originating from the Provence region, the Herbes de Provence blend typically includes thyme, rosemary, oregano, and savory. It’s perfect for seasoning roasted meats, grilled vegetables, and Provencal-style dishes, infusing a fragrant, earthy aroma and robust flavor. Buy it here.

Bouquet Garni

Comprising a bundle of herbs like thyme, parsley, and bay leaves tied together with kitchen twine, Bouquet Garni is used primarily in stocks, soups, and braises. Its aromatic essence imparts a subtle herbal infusion while allowing for easy removal after cooking.


A simple yet vibrant mixture of minced parsley and garlic, Persillade adds a burst of freshness and zesty flavor when sprinkled over grilled meats, fish, or roasted vegetables, commonly found in French Mediterranean cuisine.


Though more commonly associated with perfumes and aromatherapy, culinary lavender is used sparingly in French cooking to impart a subtle floral note to desserts, baked goods, and even savory dishes like roasted meats or infused honey.

Thym de Provence

A variety of thyme grown in the Provence region, Thym de Provence is celebrated for its intense aroma and robust flavor. It’s a staple herb in Provencal cuisine, used in dishes like ratatouille, grilled meats, and savory tarts to add depth and fragrance.


A fragrant herb similar to oregano but milder in flavor, Marjoram is sometimes used in French cuisine to enhance the taste of soups, sauces, and herb-infused oils. Its delicate sweetness complements dishes without overpowering other flavors.


Originating from French colonial influences in India, Vadouvan is a complex spice blend that typically includes onions, garlic, shallots, and aromatic spices. Occasionally used in curries, stews, and marinades, it offers a unique French twist to Indian-inspired dishes.

Each of these French seasonings brings its unique essence to dishes, reflecting the diverse culinary heritage and regional flavors of France. Incorporating these into your cooking repertoire can transport your meals to the charming streets and kitchens of France, adding depth, aroma, and authenticity to your dishes.

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