Croque Monsieur

The French Croque Monsieur takes the simple ham and cheese sandwich and elevates it with the addition of a creamy bechamel sauce. Do you know what the difference between a Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame is? The only difference is that an egg is added on top of a Croque Madame! Croque Monsieur Recipe Today … Read more

Coq au Vin

Making traditional French Coq au Vin at home may seem like a large project to take on, however, there is not much active work involved. The deep flavors come from an overnight marinade, and lengthy cooking time on low heat. The best types of red wine to use are hearty red wines, typically Burgundies from … Read more

Duck Confit

The process for making French Duck Confit is simple, and requires only 4 ingredients! Use the best quality duck legs that you can find, and duck fat can be found at specialty grocers. It preserves well, so you can confit a large batch, and cook later on as needed! Duck Confit Recipe Here is the … Read more

Quiche Lorraine

I love quiches because they’re easy to assemble and bake, great to eat warm or cold, and variations are only limited by your imagination. A French Quiche Lorraine originally hails from the Lorraine region in France near Alsace, located between France and Germany. This particular quiche is typically made with gruyère cheese and bacon (French … Read more

French Onion Soup

French onion soup is especially delicious in the winter, with its rich broth infused with the earthy flavors of caramelized onions and beef, topped with luscious melted cheese and crisp croutons. French Onion Soup Recipe This recipe makes four bowls of soup.  Ingredients Soup 6 yellow onions, peeled and sliced thinly ¼ cup unsalted butter … Read more